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    1. CNC Screw Joint Arch Steel Building Forming Machine
      The CNC screw joint arch steel building forming machine operates in the workshop making buildings easy to install, move and relocate. Sanxing Machinery Technology has developed this equipment to able to cut, bend and form panels with 9 m to 42 m width in 21 standard types. The screw joint arch steel building forming machine produces arch steel roof panels of 9 m to 14 m span.
    1. No-Girder Two-Side Screw-Joint Machine
      The production line works in the workshop. The type of buildings are affordable, nuture-friendly, easy to be installed and relocated, maintenance-free, and above all-long lasting.
    1. Super Ultimate Building Machine
      The SX-600-305 (super ultimate building machine) is a kind of mobile factory system used in construction fields to make metal houses, hangars or shelters with precision and safety. It works fast, is durable and simple to operate at 40% - 60% of the cost that other methods use. The super ultimate building machine has been galvanized and pre-painted assuring longer life time and stylish appearance.
    1. Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine
      The SX-600-305 SABM Qspan arch steel roof machine is built with all steel and burnished aluminum construction. This machine has precision forming rollers which come with hard chrome plating. Its decoiling device has inside diameter adjustable from 45 cm to 66 cm and it offers a capacity of 2,300 kg.
    1. Steel Silo Production Line
      The steel storage producing line and silo making machine produce storages for granular, powder or liquid material to be used in industries like grains, feedstuff, oil, medicine, cement, water treatment or food in general.
    1. Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine
      These colored wave pattern sheets will then be used in the construction industry for roofs, interior walls, and external wall boards for storehouses, residential homes, or industrial places and worksites.
    1. Standing Seam Roof Panel Forming Machine
      These buildings are special type for Latin American climate and location. These kinds of constructions are focused on flexibility, cost options and the most important consideration, the time required to build them up. Here is when the frame and roof metal forming machine plays a roll to complete fast and precisely all kind of metal buildings.
    1. TR4 Forming and Bending Machine
      This kind of machine is characterized by accurate measurement and simple operation, it can produce a variety of shapes of buildings. In addition, the machine is easy to install, maintenance-free, durable and high cost-effective. We can design and manufacture special types of machines according to the requirements of our customers, and provide technical guidance, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance services for our customers.
    1. EPS Sandwich Panel Machine
      The EPS sandwich panel machine has stylish appearance, low noise and high efficiency. Besides corrugated sandwich panels, it can produce simple corrugated sheets. Through an advanced PLC, it sets the panel length and cuts it automatically. It has been designed based on advanced production techniques combining the advantages of mechanical and electrical equipment.
    1. Rockwool Sandwich Panel Machine
      The rockwool sandwich panel machine contains roll forming equipment and a sandwich panel laminating system that can work independently of each other. It produces corrugated sandwich panels directly as well as simple corrugated sheets. The annual production of our rockwool sandwich panel machine is 500,000 square meters.
    1. C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
      Unlike other C shape roll forming machines, it adopts pre-cutting, which can be used for a longer time than after-cutting, thus reducing your cost.
    1. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
      Different from other Z purlin roll forming machines, this machine adopts pre-cutting technique, which was invented by our big boss. Since it cuts before the Z shape is formed, so that the cutting part can be much saved.
      Our machine can cut about 500,000 times, whereas the machine from other manufacturers can only cut 20,000 times at most.
    1. Double Layer Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine
      The two layer flat sheet corrugated roll forming machine presses not only the corrugated ceramics but also the 840 model flat sheet. It is able to work in a speed of 12 m per minute and is controlled by PLC.
    1. Concealed Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine
      Concealed roof panel roll forming machine is an updated generation of traditional roll forming machine, which haves successfully solved the problem of leakage. The line mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet guiding equipment, roll forming system, post-cutting equipment, and computer control cabinet.
    1. Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
      Installing Dimension: 11000mm x 1500mm x1400mm
      Total Weight of Equipment: 11500kg
      Electronically Controlled System: The whole machine is controlled by the PLC variable frequency control of the industrial computer.
      Main Motor Power: 4KW Impact Type Cutting Power: 5.5KW.
    1. Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine
      This metal forming equipment is made up of hydraulic decoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, product stand, hydraulic system and electric system.
    1. Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
      The guard rail forming machine, also called the highway guardrail former, is used to make corrugated steel beams, guard rails and sign posts applications to locate along highways, streets or minor roads.
    1. EPS Production Line
      The EPS, expandable polystyrene, is hard closed-cell foam. It is usually white color and made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. These beads are expanded and join together in the process of steam heating and pressure treatment with our EPS producing line.
    1. Light Steel Frame Structure Production Line
      It is the basic material for the shape and decoration of the roof, the inside and outside wall and shelving ceiling. There are ceiling lightage steel and partition lightgage steel. The advantage are time reducing , simple and easy instlling , fire resisting etc.
    1. Rolling Door Producing Line
      Simple decoiler
      Main roll forming machine
      Hydraulic shearing machine
      Hydraulic station
      Digital control cabinet
    1. Polyurethane Insulation Spray Foam Machine
      The high pressure polyurethane insulation painting machine is used by professionals for spray painting and architectural coatings. It sprays an even coating of polyurethane onto surfaces using an air pressurized spray gun.
    1. Auxiliary Equipment
      Thickness of coiled plate: 1.5mm
      Width of coiled plate: slitting 1250mm;
      Precision of slitting: width tolerance: ±1mm
    1. Steel Coils
      Sanxing is an important customer of China's largest steel plate manufactories, namely, Shanghai Baosteel Co., Ltd., Tianjin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Taigang Group Linfen Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., SGIS Songshan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sha Steel Group Co., Ltd., Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Feida Steel Plate Co., Ltd. We can buy the color coated steel coils at the possible lowest prices and provide you with the widest scope of specifications.