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TR4 Forming and Bending Machine

 TR4 Forming and Bending Machine

This kind of machine is characterized by accurate measurement and simple operation, it can produce a variety of shapes of buildings. In addition, the machine is easy to install, maintenance-free, durable and high cost-effective. We can design and manufacture special types of machines according to the requirements of our customers, and provide technical guidance, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance services for our customers.

Specification of the Forming Machine
Size: About 7.5 long×1.5 wide ×1.3 high (meters)
Weight: About 6.5 tons
Forming steps: 14
Motor power: 5.5KW
Power of hydraulic station: 5.5KW
Feeding width: 1250 mm
Effective width: 1000mm
Panel height: 45 mm
Panel thickness: 0.4mm-0.7mm
Hydraulic pump pressure: 150 MPA
Working speed: 8-10 m/min
Control system: PLC (Omron brand)
Materials of roller: 45# steel, surface high temperature quenching with chrome plating
Materials of shaft: 45# steel, high temperature quenching
Materials of cutting blade: Cr12 1 Mov steel
Side panel: Q235 carbon structural steel, surface galvanized
Driving sprocket: 45# steel, 12A sprocket, surface galvanized, high temperature quenching
Driving gear: 45# steel, surface galvanized, high temperature quenching.
Electrical standard: 380V/50HZ/3phase

Specification of the Bending Machine
Size: About 3×2×2.3 (meters)
Weight: About 2.5 tons
Proper profile: 45-1000-1250
Bending radius: ≥2m
Bending speed: 4m/min
Power: 9.0KW
Control system: PLC
Electrical standard: 380V/50HZ/3phase

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