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    1. Arch Bending Machine
      Small-span curving panel produced by this roll forming auxiliary equipment is suitable for designated profile roof panel, which is strong, durable, and fashionable. Such curving panel can save roof purlines and steel frame to lower the cost.
    1. Automatic Tube Bending Machine
      Sanxing tube bending machine can be used for bending square tubes and round tubes. It is suitable for a wide range of tube bending radiuses. Our tube bending machine can run for long periods without supervision due to the fully automatic loading and unloading system incorporated.
    1. Automatic Lifting Table
      It is powered by DC and is able to move automatically. It has the function of exchanging low and high speeds and can be controlled manually but it requires no manual push. The automatic lifting table has a well protected floor to avoid pits or depressions and it has a tilt alarm in case of inclination due to excessive weight or other factors.
    1. Automatic Uncoiler
      The automatic decoiler is an essential piece for the forming equipment. With more than ten years experience, Sanxing has improved the automatic decoiler into a fine machine bearing more than ten tons of material. It has been built following ISO9001 and CE standards.
    1. Automatic Stacker
      It is widely used in hydraulic uncoilers and colored steel mold machines to make a complete production line. Along with its advanced functions, it is known for cost savings and reducing labor efforts.
    1. Slitting Line
      The slitting line is used in various industries for cutting of nonmetallic materials, such as leather, rubber, plastic, plastic packing, textile and chemical fiber. Equipped with dual cylinder, four-column, and precise double-crank connection rod mechanism, the slitting equipment offers the same cutting depth at every cutting position.
    1. Ridge Cap / Ridge Tile Roll Forming Machine
      This roll forming machine is specially designed for manufacturing high quality steel ridge capping for steel stepped tile. We have manufactured this auxiliary equipment for over ten years, and our engineers have continuously improved it to a higher standard.
    1. Hydraulic Sheet Metal Press Brake
      The hydraulic bending machine's entire structure is made with welded sheet plates and has its internal stress eliminated with the use of vibration aging technology. The bending machine is known for its high strength and excellent rigidity.
    1. Hydraulic Guillotine Shear
      China Sanxing has committed itself to designing and manufacturing roll forming machines for over 16 years. With our excellent engineers and advanced equipment, we can offer the hydraulic shearing machine that exceeds your requirements.
    1. Door Frame Roll Forming Machine
      Steel door frame machines are a great choice for strength and durability, resulting in a finished product of the highest quality and great strength, offering a high level of security. The door frame roll forming machine is essential for the production of steel door frames.
    1. Gutter Roll Forming Machine
      Colored steel sheets pressed into gutters are widely used in villas, industrial buildings, storage, tourist attractions, pavilions, hotels, exhibition halls and other areas.
    1. Wind Cap
      The stainless wind cap is one of Sanxing’s auxiliary equipment pieces. It is automatically driven using wind power, and can run continuously for 24 hours a day. With its high sensitivity to wind, even the slightest of breezes can power the machine.