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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

 C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Features of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
1. Unlike other C shape roll forming machines, it adopts pre-cutting, which can be used for a longer time than after-cutting, thus reducing your cost.
2. This metal forming equipment can cut about 500,000 times, whereas the ordinary machine can only cut 20,000 times at most.

Application of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
The C-shaped purlines formed by this machine exhibit excellent anti-bending property and easy installation. They are widely applied as the supporter of roof and wall in large-scale and mid-scale construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre and garden etc.

Technical Specification of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
C Purlin Section Size
  Model Section size(mm) Hole Distance
h b c t
c80 80 40 15 2.0-3.0 none Different models are available according to customer's requirements (middle holes are also available)
c100 100 50 20 2.0-3.0 40
c120 120 50 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c140 140 50 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c160 160 50 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c180 180 60 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c200 200 60 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c220 220 60 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
c250 250 70 20 2.0-3.0 adjustable
1 Electric molding machine 15Kw 1440r/min molding
2 Molding retarder   39r/min Molding
3 The most figure size length size Height
8500mm 2000mm 1700mm
4 The most ability of produce 12-21m/min
5 The weight of the machine About 8T
We have three common types:
1. seven types (product dimension), from 80mm to 200mm,
2. seven types(product dimension), from 120mm to 250mm
3. six types(product dimension), from 120mm-300mm.

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