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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

 Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

The guard rail forming machine, also called the highway guardrail former, is used to make corrugated steel beams, guard rails and sign posts applications to locate along highways, streets or minor roads. The form can be linear, V or W shape and many others. This machine has simple structure and good performance offering good capacity working safely and reliable. The guard rail forming machine is highly automatic producing panels smoothly.

New innovations and continuously increasing efficiencies with the right guard rail forming, can make any company's manufacturing process a profitable business. The complete line of the guard rail forming machine includes electric decoiler, automatic hydraulic punching system, feeding and guiding part, leveling device, forming roller system, hydraulic cutting, stacking table and PLC control board.

Specifications of the Guard Rail Forming Machine
Matching material: PPGI or HDGI (S235 JR or EN 10025, ASTM570 G33)
Material thickness: 2.85-4 mm
Material width: 482 mm to 750 mm
Forming main motor power: 45 kW
Forming speed: 12 m/min
Hydraulic station power: 11 kW
Forming stands: 2 arches for 12 stands and 3 arches for 16 stands forming roller
Hydraulic pressure: 10-12 mpa
Controlling system: PLC
Total weight: 39 metric tons
Voltage: 380 V/ 3phase/ 50 Hz
Forming rollers material: GCr15 bearing steel with quenched treatment
Cutter blade material: Cr 12 mould steel with quenched treatment

Since 1990, Sanxing Group has provided guard rail forming machine solutions to the building and construction industry and also for the automotive field around the world. Welcome to contact us for further information about our machines.

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