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SUBM Super Ultimate Building Machine, SX-1000-400

 SUBM Super Ultimate Building Machine, SX-1000-400

The SX-600-305 SABM Qspan arch steel roof machine/SX-1000-400 super ultimate building machine is a mobile factory system used at construction sites to build metal houses, hangars and shelters with both precision and safety. The machine is fast, durable and easy to operate at 40-60% of the cost other methods use. The arch steel roof machine has been galvanized and pre-painted to ensure a longer service life.

Once it is properly set up, the building machine can begin production within minutes of arriving at the construction site. The panels formed using the steel roof machine can be curved thanks to the use of an on-board microprocessor. Completed panels are carried to the assembly area then fused together in sections as they are prepared to be lifted. The panel sections are then lifted and fit to each other using a patented seaming tool. Once fused, they are placed on the prepared foundation, and then, the hangars are placed to make the installation of hanging lights, sprinklers, and ducts possible.

The SABM Qspan arch steel roof machine is widely used all over the world to build metal structures quickly, especially in disaster areas where time is a problem and shelter is needed in a short amount of time.

The size of the production line:11000mm × 2250mm × 2300mm
Total Weight: about 11000KG
Electrical standard:380V/50HZ/3PHASE
Main Motor Power: 38KW
Material of rollers: 45# steel and 60# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
Material of roller shafts: 45# steel, quenched HRC 58-62
Material of cutting blade: Cr12 steel
Material of steel leaves: stainless steel
Step of rollers: 13 steps
Working Speed: straight part: 13m/min
Steel Coil Capacity: 1.51 mm maximum thickness, 0.80 mm minimum thickness
Feeding width: 1000mm
Effective width: 400mm
Maximum Building Size: 40/28 meters wide, widths are calculated using liberal
code parameters from the International Building Code
The Omron PLC and CNC system
Generation II: One step producing:
straight panel→Feeding→forming→cutting→curving step

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