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Speckled Granite Coating Paint

Polished or flamed marble finishes are realized with speckled granite coating paint.
The paint is suitable for use on a varied base of surfaces, such as cement mortar surfaces, concrete surfaces, cement fiber board surfaces, diverse insulation layer surfaces, aluminum surfaces, wood surfaces, heavy metal boards, etc.

Latex paint

Latex paint is widely used to decorate the interiors of all kinds of buildings from houses to hotels and offices. The paint can be applied to walls and ceilings including previously painted surfaces, primed plaster, wood, brick, drywall, cement, and metals.

Textured Stone paint

Textured stone paint is a type of texturized paint to produce a decorative effect that resembles types of marble and granite. The main ingredients in this paint are natural stone powders of various colors. The paint can be applied to create an impression of real stone, thus textured stone paint is often referred to as liquid stone. The paint offers rich and natural colors that impress with its elegance and beauty. The paint is suitable for all types of building interiors and exteriors.

Paint Equipment

Ribbon blender is used to blend a diverse selection of mortars and paints, such as real stone paint, dry mortar, insulation mortar, putty powder, masonry mortar, wall mortar, water proof mortar, plaster powder, wall plastering mortar, and ceramic title adhesive mortar. More

The Sanxin pressure pot sprayer is easily operated and conveniently transported thanks to its small size and light weight. Due to its efficiency, no noise and technical perfection, it is a top choice among buyers looking for dry ready-mixed mortar sprayers. More

Textured Paint

Textured paint creates a three-dimensional surface upon drying, creating a unique and refreshing aesthetic wherever it is applied. Personalized creations are possible in a way rarely possible with traditional paints. Texturized paint is an environmentally friendly home decoration solution that is a suitable replacement for wallpaper as it is more economical, easier to apply, and allows for additional personalization.

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