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SABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, SX-914-610

 SABM Quick Span / K-Span Roll Forming Machine, SX-914-610

The SX-914-610 SABM Qspan arch steel roof machine is made with custom designed panel support system with self locking stands. It has precision forming rollers that come with hard chrome plating. It's used for industrial, agricultural, housing, institutional, recreational or commercial building needs. It is the first generation of automatic building machine.
The Qspan arch steel roof machine has a decoiling device with adjustable inside diameter from 45 to 66 cm. It has high quality, white color urethane enamel coating over its epoxy primer. The Qspan arch steel roof machine has been made with the latest international safety standards for optimal results with a safe operation.

Specifications of the Qspan Arch Steel Roof Machine
Drive System: Hydraulic
Proper span: ≤38 m
Power Plant: Diesel, 3 cylinders, 40 hp at 2800 rpm
Axles: Three at 3630 kg capacity
Battery: One at 800CCA, 12 Volt DC
Wheel/tires: 16.5 x 6.75, 9.5 x 16.5
Towing: Adjustable draw bar height from 80-160 mm with 80 mm round hitch PLC type
Fuel tank capacity: 68 l
Lighting System: Easily adaptable lighting system to meet international requirements, 24-volt, ISO connectors, DOT approved
Panel forming speed: Approximately 15 m per minute
Curving Speed: Approximately 13 m per minute
Seaming Speed: Approximately 12 m per minute
Minimum Radius: 3.65 m
Steel Coil Capacity: 1.5 mm nominal ASTM 653 Grade 50 1.21 mm maximum thickness, 0.8 mm minimum thickness
Maximum Building Size: 38 meters wide, widths are calculated using liberal code parameters from the International Building Code
Feeding width: 914 mm
Effective width: 610 mm
Groove depth: 203 mm
Coil thickness: 0.8 to 1.5 mm
Panel operating factor: 66%
Weight: 6865 kg
Size: 9400 mm × 2200 mm × 2300 mm

As a major Qspan arch steel roof machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we produce 17 types of arch roof forming machines to meet different requirements and they are suitable to build barns, vegetable stores, storage silos and many other places. Thanks for visiting our website. Please contact us for more information.

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